Services and prestations

The CBiB offers a broad range of services:

  • analysis and integration of "omics" data,
  • development and implementation of specialized analyses,
  • access to its information management system,
  • implementation of bioinformatics methods and pipelines.

Our expertise is particularly acknowledged in algorithms, data integration, analysis of high-throughput biological data and their visualization. Whether for large-scale projects or for specific analysis, our team has the expertise, the equipment and the ability to study the complexity of biological systems.

The following services are offered :

  • Standard and custom biological data analyses.
  • Deployment of "Big data" approaches for data analysis.
  • Development and maintenance of biological databases.
  • Access and development to high-performance bioinformatics software infrastructure, in particular for NGS data.
  • Custom data analysis and consulting services for bioinformatics and cheminformatics projects.
  • Establishment of research collaborations with bioinformaticians and experimental scientists from different departments.
  • Hands-on tutorials and workshops on a wide variety of bioinformatic topics.