2. Bioinformatics analyses with Python


From 14/06/2022 to 17/06/2022 - from 06/12/2022 to 09/12/2022


Benjamin Dartigues and Alain Miniussi (engineers) 


  • Be able to maintain and collaboratively develop a Python biological data analysis application
  • Know how to write simple scripts using Python
  • Managing a project collaboratively with Git
  • Know manipulate data structures
  • Understand Python modules
  • Be able to conduct bioinformatic analysis with Biopython  


This training will introduce Python, the project management tool Git and the biopython module for the analysis of biological data. The aim is that at the end of the course, participants are able to maintain and collaboratively develop biological data analysis application in Python.

  • The Python language and essential commands
  • The Git version control software
  • The data structures in Python
  • Approach of classes and object programming
  • Modules in Python
  • The Biopython Module

Alternating courses  (50%) and tutorials (50%)
 downloadable detailed program 


No pre required in programming. The course will be under Linux command line mode. Knowing how to use a text editor is recommended.


Engineers and scientists. Biologists and chemists training wishing to learn programming for bioinformatics