Workshops « 2 in 1 » : NGS data production and analysis


Alexis Groppi:
Macha Nikolski:

Workshops Genomics - Bioinformatics "2 in 1" is an initiative of the Transversal Action G2P of Science Department of Life at the University of Bordeaux, the French Institute of Bioinformatics and Genomics France.


The high throughput sequencing has not only accelerated cash sequencing projects, but has influenced many areas as eg personalized medicine, selection of species of agronomic interest and changed profoundly how to design research genomics.


The purpose of these workshops is to help to address the scientific projects related to sequencing comprehensively from production data analysis. They concern researchers, technical staff that students present in laboratories.

The workshops will allow you to:

  • Knowing the specificities of different sequencing technologies and know which one is best for your needs
  • Reflecting the experimental design (number of samples, depth reading and quality sequencing)
  • Knowing the main methods for preparing libraries, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Know the elements for planning a NGS experience
  • Know the limits of analysis: What can I get according to my data? How biological question I can answer based on bioinformatics methods and characteristics of the data obtained?

The workshops Genomics / Bioinformatics "2 in 1" deal with 4 topics:

  1. RNA-Seq, April 22, 2016: Here are the videos of the presentations.
  2. complete genome, May 3, 2016: Here are the videos of the presentations
  3. Exomes and panels of genes, September 20, 2016: Here are the videos of the presentations
  4. Metagenomics, Décember 7, 2016 : Here are the videos of the presentations