1. Bioinformatics : Advanced sequences analysis


From 13/10/2020 to 15/10/2020 - from 4/05/2021 to 6/05/2021 - from 19/10/2021 to 21/10/2021


Aurélien Barré, Benjamin Dartigues


  • Search for informations in biological databases
  • Master sequence analysis tools such as alignments and learn how to interpret results
  • Master the strategies annotation of bacterial genomes
  • Understand the formats and the analysis of new generation sequencing data (NGS)


Day 1

  • Organization of public databases
  • Search for information in databases
  • First step with Galaxy
  • Comparison and multiple sequence alignment
  • Protein families and functional domain

Day 2

  • State of the art of high-throughput sequencing
  • Formats and handling of NGS data

Day 3

  • Advanced analysis from NGS data
  • Last afternoon - trainees are invited to bring in their data which will be used for educational purposes for the exercises

Alternating courses (10h) and tutorials (10 h)

Part of the analysis will be performed in the Galaxy environment.
Last half day devoted to an educational workshop for analysis and reflection on data provided by the trainees


In order to adapt the training content to the needs of trainees, they are invited to complete and return the questionnaire that will soon be downloadable on this website.


Engineers and researchers